Recent appearances in the news media or in person:

Interviewed in Matthews, D., ‘What Might Independence Mean for Scotland’s Universities?’, Times Higher (12 June 2014)

Peta Meyer, ‘Built for sex: how architecture dictates bedroom habits’, interview with Richard J. Williams, Arts Hub (4 June 2014)


‘Edinburgh’s Arrested Development’, Times Higher (6 March 2014)

‘Where are architecture’s Bravehearts’, Building Design (21 February 2014)’s-bravehearts?/5066701.article

‘You’ll Love the Way it Makes You Feel’, keynote paper on recent American TV drama at Senses and Sensibility, Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, Florianopolis, Brazil (07-10 November 2013)

‘Working in Higher Education is Unlike any Other Job’, Daily Telegraph (31 October 2013)

‘What are you Reading?’, Times Higher (24 October 2013)

Carey Dunne, ‘The Five Sexiest Building Designs’, Co.Design (October 2013)

Keith Miller, review of Sex and Buildings, Daily Telegraph (September 2013)

Radio interview for Monocle (August 2013). 30 mins into the programme. 

‘Could Zurich’s ‘sex boxes’ could have a role beyond prostitution?’, Building Design (30 August 2013)

Times Higher Education (THE), Books podcast. 40 min interview with Karen Shook.

Times Higher Education (THE), forthcoming book of the week. Review article and interview (22 August 2013)

Monocle, radio interview. More details soon

Building Design, interview ‘Architects Always Seem Pretty Uncomfortable with Feelings’ (9 August 2013). Register for free to read:

Guardian, quoted by Fraser MacDonald in ‘Scotland’s Modernist Buildings Die Another Death…’ (26 July 2013)

Financial Times, quoted by John McDermott in ‘Capital Punishment’ (26 July 2013)

Clarin (Buenos Aires), ‘Que relacion hay entre los edificios y la moral sexual’ (15 July 2013). Interview in Spanish for the main BA newspaper. 

Jezebel, ‘Communal Living May Make For Sexier Times’ (30 June 2013)

The Herald, ‘Sex and Morningside (Or the Erotics of Architecture) (1 July 2013),

Aeon magazine, ‘Can architecture improve our sex lives?’ (June 2013)

BBC Radio 3, ‘The Verb’, 3 May 2013.


Foreign Policy

The Times



Edinburgh University podcasts: (episode 3, ‘Mirror Mirror’)

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